Please complete all the steps below

  1. Zoom in by clicking a bullet point
  2. Zoom out by clicking "Home" above the list
  3. Collapse a bullet point
  4. Expand a bullet
  5. Click the tag "#now" to filter the list
  6. Hit the "esc" key to clear the #tag filter
  7. Drag a bullet to a new location
  8. Hover over a bullet until the menu pops up, then click "Complete"
  9. Click somewhere and hit "enter" to create a new line
  10. Type to edit some text
  11. Hit enter again, then hit "tab" to indent
  12. Hold "shift" and hit "tab" to outdent
  13. Search for "genius"
  14. Demo complete! Now just click the button below
  15. Start Using WorkFlowy