WorkFlowy for Teams

Get your team on the same page. Literally.

Take the overwhelming flow of information on your team and make it actionable, searchable and easy to work with. With WorkFlowy, a single zoomable document can organize your whole organization.

Get a Team Plan

Share Any List

You can share any list or sub-list in WorkFlowy. Others can view or collaboratively edit that list, your choice. You can share via a public link, or privately to specific people. Just click the share button in the bullet menu to get started.

Keep Track of Who’s Doing What

You can create an @name tag for everyone one on your team by just typing “@” followed by the person’s name. Then, have them tag themselves to the things they’re working on , and you can easily filter the list down to see people’s responsibilities by simply clicking on their @name.

Take Amazing Meeting Notes

Create well structured, collaborative, shareable meeting notes. Write your agenda, share it with everyone who’s coming, take notes as it happens, then create follow up.

Manage Direct Reports

In WorkFlowy, it’s really easy to keep track of what everyone is thinking about, what they’ve said they’d do, and what they’ve actually done. Just create lists for every direct report you have, and create a list for each meeting you have with them including a sub-list for their follow ups.

Create Reusable Templates for Your Processes

You can outline a complex set of steps in WorkFlowy, then use the duplicate feature to re-use that section of your document whenever you need to run through the process.

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