I started paying someone to make me do stuff, and it changed my life.

By Jesse Patel, CEO, Workflowy

A year and a half ago, I was the fattest I’d ever been, and was struggling to stay on task while running my company. I needed help. What I did next changed my life: I’ve been exercising ever since, eating better, and crushing my daily tasks.

When this all started, I had given up on myself. Willpower had failed me, and I didn’t want to make another empty promise to myself. But I still needed to do something. I decided to hire someone to just make me do stuff, and see how it went.

I found a wonderful woman in a country where the dollar goes a lot further than the US, and started paying her $5 an hour to make me exercise every day, plan my day, and stay on task. It was remarkably effective. I can honestly say that my life is profoundly better since I started doing this. We still talk every day, she helps me follow through, and I’ve made a new friend. I decided to call this whole thing “focus coaching”.

A few of my friends have also started working with my focus coach a couple hours a day. And it’s working wonders for them. I’d like to see if it works more broadly for other people. That’s where you come in.

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CEO, Workflowy