Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

Workflowy is a fractal notebook that gives you profound new ways to organize your ideas, and make them real.

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Get Organized

Organize your space to perfectly match your needs. Workflowy gives you flexible tools and then gets out of your way so you can quickly go from thought to action.

Achieve Deep Focus

Go from big picture thinking to deep focus mode in an instant, Workflowy’s infinitely nesting structure lets you focus on what’s important to you right now.
Workflowy lists showing plan to take over the world with a huge laser
Workflowy boards showing how to collaborate with other people using the built-in share options.

Collaborate Effortlessly

Collaboration in Workflowy is built in. With easy sharing permissions and real-time syncing - it’s never been easier to keep everyone on the same page.


Icon that shows two arrows in an infinity symbol
Infinitely Nesting
Icon that shows two people
Built-in Sharing
Icon showing a desktop pc and a mobile device
and Mobile
Icon showing a folder and a document sticking out
Add Files and
Images Inline
Icon showing a chain depicting a hyperlink
Create Internal
Icon showing a kanban style board
Turn Lists into
Kanban Boards
Icon depicting Workflowy mirrors feature
Make Live Copies
of any Bullet
Icon showing two arrows in a loop

Workflowy is Perfect For...

Plan your assignments
Organize your classes
Outline and write papers
Business Owners
General process planning
Customer notes database
Remote team management
Assignment planning
Class activity organization
Resource wiki for students
Agile project management
Meeting planning
Task assignment
Project and goal tracking
Customer onboarding
Lead nurturing and notes
Book outlining and writing
Research and note-taking
Marketing and sales
People with ADD
Organize and plan tasks
Prioritize activities
Focus on one thing at a time
Multi-project organization
Collaborator coordination
Complex task tracking
To-do lists
Household chores
World domination

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