Colors for Text & Tags

Highlight, Emphasize, Color-Code

Change the color of any text or highlight it with a unique background color. You can also assign colors to tags and make it even easier to find what you're looking for.

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Examples of Colors in Use

Highlighting Notes and Documents

Copy and paste entire documents into Workflowy and highlight to your heart's desire. Choose from several colors to signal different types of notes or levels of importance.

Visually Indicate Priority Levels

Tags now really stand out thanks to colors. Set up some tags to indicate whether the priority of an activity is #low, #medium, or #high. Easily spot what needs your attention next.

Mark Your Top-Level 'Folders'

Give your top-level bullets a background color or text color to make them really stand out. This makes it easier to quickly spot where they are in relation to all your other expanded bullets. Super handy if you like to keep everything but the kitchen sink inside your Workflowy.

Keep Track of Edits

Use text colors to signal edits you have made to a document. If you're working with a team, this makes changes super clear for everyone without having to leave notes on what changes were made and where.

Color-Code Items

Colorful tags makes it easy to visually identify and sort relevant items from a long list. Use tags to quickly spot what you need to do next without getting lost or distracted by other items.

How to Color Text and Tags

Highlighting Text

1. Select some text
2. Click on the color picker icon's down arrow
3. Choose a highlight color

Coloring Text

1. Select some text
Click on the color picker icon's down arrow
Choose a text color

Coloring Tags

1. Mouse over the image or tap if on mobile
Click or tap on dropdown on the right-hand side of the image
Click or tap on the icon with the arrow pointing outside of a square

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