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Your account information is available from the settings panel. From here you can also upgrade your account, turn on labs features, or delete your account.

View account details

1. Click on the “more” icon in the menu bar - looks like “⋮”
2. Click on “Settings”

Set a password

By default, Workflowy emails you a secret code whenever you want to log in. If you prefer, you can set a password on your account.

1. Open the options panel from the menu bar
2. Click on “Settings”
3. Click on the “Set Password” button
4. Enter your email address
5. Click the “Password Reset” button
6. Open your email account and find the email from Workflowy
7. Open the email and click on the password reset link
8. Type in your new password
9. Click the “Change password” button

Change email address

1. Open the options panel from the menu bar
2. Click on “Settings
3. Type the new email under the Account section
4. Click outside the email input field
5. Open the old email address account
6. Find and open the “Confirm your new email address” email
7. In the email, click the “Confirm your new email” button
8. Click on the “Confirm my new email"

Restore from Dropbox

Restoring from dropbox allows you to restore your content to a previous daily backup. If you’ve connected a Dropbox account to your Workflowy, you can then restore from a daily backup at any point. Restoring will not overwrite your existing data, it will only put the restored data in a new item at the top of your account.


- Restoring from a backup is not instant, so please be patient as this can take up to 30 minutes for very large backup files.

- You also won't be able to load your account or save any changes while the backup is being restored.  

1. Open your Dropbox account
2. Find and download your Workflowy backup (ends in workflowy.backup)
3. In Workflowy, open the settings panel from the menu bar
4. Click on “Settings
5. Click on “Restore from a Dropbox backup
6. Click on the “Choose File” button and select the Workflowy backup file
7. Click the “Restore From Backup” button
8. Once the backup has finished you can open Workflowy

Refer people

Whenever you refer someone, both you and the person that signs up get an additional 100 monthly bullet items. You can check how many people you've referred on .

1. Open the settings panel from the menu bar
2. Click on “Settings
3. Click on the “Refer people” button
4. Copy your personal referral link
5. Share this link with with friends and colleagues

Delete your account

Note - Once you delete your account, we will not be able to recover it, so please be sure that you've exported any important information before you do this.

1. Click the options button in the menu bar
2. Click on “Settings
3. Scroll to the bottom of the settings panel
4. Click the "Delete my account and all my data" button
5. Check your email for the confirmation email
6. Click the "Confirm account deletion" button in the email you receive
7. Click the "Delete my account and all my data" button