Bullet types

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Bullet types

Bullets can have different formats, not just bullet points. You can always change any item into another type and change it back if you want.

Paragraphs & headings

Turning a bullet into a header or a paragraph hides the bullet but you can access it by moving your mouse over the text.

To turn bullets into paragraphs or headings, you can use the context menu or the slash command “Paragraph”.

1. Select any text with your mouse cursor
2. The context menu will appear
3. Select the H1, H2, or (paragraph) options
4. The text you had your cursor on will be updated

Code block

Code blocks let you post code in Workflowy in an easier to read format that preserves the spacing commonly used in code. You can also create code blocks using the ‘code-block’ slash command.

You can search for code blocks using the ‘is:code-block’ search operator. This also allows you to search inside code blocks.

1. Put your cursor on a blank item
2. Type three backticks ``` then press the spacebar
3. Paste your code into the code block
4. To exit code block mode hit ENTER three times

Inline code

The inline code option lets you give any piece of text the code format. Putting text between two backticks ` will also format your text as inline code.

You can use the ‘text:code’ search operator to filter all instances of inline code.

You can also

1. Highlight some text
2. Hit the keyboard shortcut Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + C

Quote block

You can format text into quotes to indicate when you're referring to something someone else wrote or said.

Quote blocks also come with their own search operator 'is:quote'. You can use this to filter all quote blocks.

1. Put your cursor on a blank item
2. Type > then hit the spacebar
3. Type or paste your content
4. To exit quote mode hit ENTER three times


To-do's let you add a checkbox to items to show that they are tasks or activities to be completed. You can create to-do’s with the bullet menu, the context menu or the slash command “to-do”.

There is also a special search operator “is:todo” that lets you search all to-do’s.

1. Select multiple items with your mouse
2. Choose 'To-do' from the menu

Hide complete to-do’s

You can auto-hide completed items so they don't clutter your document. At any point you can choose to unhide them.

1. In the menu bar, mouse over the checkmark icon
2. Click on the checkmark icon to toggle the hide/show completed items option


You can add notes to bullets. The note will be displayed under the bullet in a lighter font. Notes can be styled in the same way as text and can contain links and tags.

1. Mouse over the bullet you want to add a note to
2. Open the bullet menu for that item
3. Select “Add note” from the bullet menu
4. Type your note

You can also create notes by using the keyboard shortcut
Win: Shift + Enter, Mac: Shift + Return

Remove a format

To remove or change the format simply open the context menu for the item you want to change or open the slash command menu and choose the new format.

In the case of the context menu you would select the same format the item currently has to remove that format. If you use the slash command, you can select the "Bullets" option to remove the current format.