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Files & Images

You can upload files and images within your Workflowy.

Workflowy currently supports most file types, however only images will be displayed within the document.

All other file types will only display the file name and a download button.

Upload limits

Free users only have a 100MB file limit cap. Pro subscribers have unlimited uploads with a 5GB files size limit.

Add a file or image

You can add files and images by dragging and dropping them into Workflowy, from the bullet menu, or with the slash command “Upload file”.

1. Click and hold a file or image from your computer
2. Drag it onto your Workflowy window
3. Drop the item where you want to place it

Resize an image

You can resize any image you upload.

1. Move your mouse over an image
2. Click-and-drag the vertical bar to the left to make the image smaller or drag the bar right to make the image larger

Set default image size

You can set the default image size of new images.

1. Open the settings menu from the menu bar
2. Under the “Images” section, you can choose either big or small thumbnails

View image options

Images have several options that you can access from the image menu. The options are: Show full-screen, view original, download, settings.

1. Mouse over an image
2. Click on the image options button

Delete a file

1. Mouse over the bullet that has the file
2. Open the bullet menu for the item
3. Click on “Delete