Instant presentations

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Instant presentations

Instant presentations

You can turn any outline into a simple presentation with presentation mode. This mode lets you view any set of bullets as a simple presentation with keyboard navigation.

The topmost bullet in your outline will become the presentation's title while the nested bullets will become slides, and any items nested below those will become the bullet points of those slides.

How presentations work

In presentation mode, clicking the "next" button or using the right arrow key will navigate your bullet list in the following way:

A. The topmost bullet will become the title of the presentation
B. Each nested bullet will become a slide
. Bullets nested under these slides will become bullet points

Make a presentation

Presentation mode only changes how content is displayed and so can be used with all your existing lists. Once you exit presentation mode, any edits you made will be available.

1. Create a bullet to hold your entire presentation, this is the presentation title
2. Nest bullets under the title to create slides
3. Nest bullets under each slide item to create bullet points

View a presentation

1. Click on the bullet point that is the title of your presentation to zoom into it
2. Click the play button in the menu bar
3. Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard or click the buttons on the bottom right to navigate the presentation
4. Click the "X" button in the top right to exit out of presentation mode