Internal & External Links

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Internal & External Links

Internal & External Links

Internal links allow you to connect different sections of your Workflowy with a text link. External links are regular links to websites.Clicking an internal link takes you to the location of the linked item. Creating an internal link also creates a reference that lets you know where you’re linking from.

Internal link an existing item

You can create internal links with the bullet menu, a slash command, or a special keyboard shortcut “[[”.

1. Type double brackets [[
2. Type the name of the item you want to link to
3. Select the existing item you want to link to using your arrow keys

Internal link a new item

You can also create an internal link to an item that does not yet exist. In other words the process creates the item and the link to the item at the same time.

1. Type double brackets [[
2. Type the name of the item - this will also be the name of the new item
3. Select one of the two “New” options

The first “New” option creates the item in the last linked location. The second “New” option lets you search for a location for the new item.

View all internal backlinks

You can view all the places in your Workflowy where you’ve linked to an item from the “Backlinks” item.

1. Find an item that has been linked to - it will have a nested “Backlink” item
2. Expand the “Backlink” item

The “Backlink” item shows all the locations where you’ve linked to that item. You can also click on the breadcrumbs to navigate to a backlink’s location.

Create an external link

Pasting any URL into Workflowy will also automatically turn it into a clickable link.

1. Highlight the text you want to turn into a link - the text format widget will appear
2. Click on the link icon in the widget
3. Type or paste the URL in the “Link” field
4. Click the “Apply” button

Hovering over a link and clicking the down arrow that appears at the end of the link will let you edit the clickable text and URL.

Remove an external link

1. Mouse over the text that is linked that you want to remove
2. Click on the small down arrow that appears at the end of the link
3. Click on “Unlink