Slash command

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Slash command

The slash command allows you to perform various actions using only the keyboard. Some commands will only appear when performed in the right context, for example, the command to insert a column will only appear when performed in a board.

Do a slash command

You can perform a slash command anywhere as long as there is a space before the slash. The exception to this is if you perform the command at the beginning of a line, then no space is required.

1. Place your cursor on the item you want to perform a command on
2. Hit the "/" key on your keyboard
3. The slash command menu will appear
4. Type the name of the command or use your arrows to select it
5. Hit “Enter” or “Tab

Slash command types

This type of slash command allows you to change the type of the item into another type.

Currently, the following types are available:
Board, Bullets, To-do, Heading 1, Heading 2, Paragraph

Slash command actions

This type of slash command allows you to perform some action on the current item.

Upload file
Displays your operating system’s file explorer

Completes the item

"Add date"
Lets you create a date tag

Add note
Lets you add a note to the current item

Creates a duplicate of the item and tags it #copy

Move To…
Lets you move an item and its contents using the “MOVE TO” menu

"Move Here..."
Lets you move an item from another part of your account to the current location

Lets you create secret link to the item or invite users by email

Displays the export menu for the item and its contents

Copies a mirror of the item that you can then paste

"Mirror To..."
Create a live copy of the current item and place it somewhere in your account

"Mirror Here..."
Create a live copy of an item located somewhere in your account in the current location

Copy internal link
Copies a link to the current item you can then paste

Deletes the current item

Context specific commands

There are a couple of slash commands that can only be used in specific contexts and will not appear unless your cursor is in the right context.

On a mirror bullet

View mirrors
Shows a list of all the mirrors for that item

Detach mirrors
Detaches the mirror and turns it into a regular bullet

In a board

Insert column right
Inserts a blank column to the right of the current column

Insert column left
Inserts a blank column to the left of the current column