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Tags & Dates

You can add date tags to any item. Date tags allow you to search for dates and date ranges. There are multiple ways to input dates, either with numbers or with natural language.

Add a date with numbers

1. Start typing a date in one of the supported formats
2. The date widget will pop up and suggest a date
3. Once the suggestion matches the date you want, hit ENTER

There are multiple date formats you can use:
MM = month, DD = day, YY = year


Add a date with natural language

Workflowy can also understand several natural language dates.

1. Start typing a natural language date
2. The date widget will pop up and suggest a date
3. Once the suggestion matches the date you want, hit ENTER

You can use the following terms:

today, tomorrow, yesterday
this week, next week, last week
this month, next month, last month
this year, next year, last year

Add a date with the date picker

You can add date tags with a date picker that lets you choose your date from a calendar. You can also use the date picker to set date ranges.

1. Type ‘!!’ to display the date picker
2. Choose a date from the calendar, one of the frequently used options, or type your date using natural language (your date will be highlighted in the calendar)
3. Hit Enter to confirm your date

You can also display the date picker using the slash command '/date'

Set a custom date format

You can set a custom date format that will be used for all date tags.

1. Open the settings menu
2. Choose a date format preset from the dropdown menu
3. Close the settings menu

All date tags will automatically update to reflect the date format you chose.

You can customize the date and time format presets in the settings panel using this guide.

Remove date tags

You can remove any date tag by deleting it like regular text or with a satisfying keyboard shortcut.

1. Hold the Alt key on Windows or Cmd key on Mac
2. Click the date tag you want to remove

The date tag will explode and be removed.

Add a tag

You can add tags anywhere in Workflowy. Tags allow you to quickly filter items. You can use the # or the @ symbol to create tags. You can add as many tags as you like to an item.

1. Type # or @
2. Type the rest of the tag

Filter using tags

You can use tags to quickly filter items, and you can filter items with multiple tags at once. You can also search for tags in the search bar.

1. Locate a tag you want to filter in your account
2. Click on the tag to filter it
3. Click the tag again to stop filtering