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Slack, a $1 billion company, was started with WorkFlowy

Stewart Butterfield and his team used WorkFlowy to brainstorm and implement the first version of Slack, a company now worth over a billion dollars. They managed their whole team and product development process in WorkFlowy, and invited us in to see how they used WorkFlowy before they even announced Slack to the world.

Farhad Manjoo, The New York Times technology columnist, uses WorkFlowy to run his life

If anyone knows what's good, it's Farhad. He is one of the world's leading thinkers and writers on technology. His job requires exploring the world of technology, thinking deeply about it and publishing his conclusions. He uses WorkFlowy to research and organize all his work, and his personal life too.

The CEO of Atlassian, a company worth over $3 billion, uses WorkFlowy to stay productive

Atlassian makes some of the world's leading tools for collaboration, productivity and software development. Their founder and co-CEO, Mike Cannon-Brookes, uses WorkFlowy for his day-to-day notes. He also gives us product advice we are slowly but surely trying to follow.

The bestselling book, Hatching Twitter, was written using WorkFlowy

It's a page turner about the dramatic founding of Twitter (you should read it if you haven't) that required collecting and making sense of thousands upon thousands of pieces of information. Author Nick Bilton relied on WorkFlowy throughout his painstaking research process.

Ev Williams, founder of Twitter, Medium and Blogger, relies on WorkFlowy to keep his head on his shoulders

He uses WorkFlowy every day to manage all his notes and lists. He says it fits the way his brain works better than any other tool he's used.

WorkFlowy uses WorkFlowy to build WorkFlowy ;)

Since the very beginning, we've used WorkFlowy to manage all work, ideas and notes related to the project. We use WorkFlowy for our product planning, our bug tracking, our engineering implementation, our meeting notes, and everything else. We truly believe it has made us better thinkers and doers.

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