Workflowy Basics

Workflowy is a versatile note-taking and organizational tool designed to help users manage their tasks, notes, and projects efficiently.




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Note Taking

Capture all your important information in a single place
Infinitely deep notes
Zoom into your notes and focus on just one part
Always know exactly where you are in your notes
View only what’s relevant right now
Instantly reorganize your information

Task management

Organize your tasks and always stay on top of things
Turn anything into a task instantly
Add files and images to keep everything in one place
Easily group and find tasks with tags
Bookmark tasks to keep them handy
Highlight or color items
Add context to tasks with notes
Find anything with global search
Stay on top of hundreds of tasks
Share tasks with anyone, no account required

Project organization

Turn the most complex projects into child’s play
Handle anything thrown your way with slash commands
Infinite kanban boards to the rescue
Create one-click templates of frequently used documents
Always stay up to date with live copies of documents
Track all your references with backlinks
Effortlessly switch from project to project and stay in flow
Keep track of important dates

Next steps

Now that you know the basics, you're ready to jump right in and start experimenting or pick a guide or template to help you get started
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