Affiliate Program

Share Workflowy, Help people, Get paid

How it works

Are you a content creator, influencer, coach or consultant with an audience that could benefit from using Workflowy?

1. Register as an affiliate

Join the program to receive your unique affiliate url and direct access to affiliate support via email.

2. Promote Workflowy

Create posts, videos, tutorials, guides or anything else that helps your audience using Workflowy.

3. Start Earning

Earn commissions for each pro subscriber that signs up via your affiliate link.


What counts as a referral?
Whenever someone uses your affiliate link to subscribe for a Workflowy pro subscription.

How do I get paid?
After your first referral, we'll ask you for deposit details.

When do I get paid?
‍‍Referrals are paid out automatically each month.

Are there any referral limits for payouts?
No, you don't need to accumulate a minimum number of referrals to receive your payout.

What are the commissions?
The commission amounts for both monthly and annual subscriptions will be shared with you after you register. They are well above the industry standard.

Have more questions?
Email us.