Need help? Learn to set up the zapier integration.

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Imagine you're on your phone, looking up a random fact on wikipedia and come across an article that could be useful for a blog post you're writing. Instead of bookmarking it and promptly forgetting it forever - now you can use your device's 'share to email' functionality to send it to Workflowy. This way you don't lose your focus and the information is sent somewhere it'll actually be useful.

Email text snippet

Zapier email + Workflowy

Use this zap

How to use this integration

After you’ve set up the zap, you’ll be able to email any text to your custom zapier email address and it will be pushed into the Workflowy bullet you specified during set-up.

  1. Click 'Use this zap'
  2. Specify the custom email address you'll use
  3. Test the trigger
  4. Connect your Workflowy account (need your api key?)
  5. Set 'Subject - Body Plain' as the Title and 'From' as the Note
  6. Test your zap
  7. Publish your zap