Need help? Learn to set up the zapier integration.

Google calendar

Whenever a new calendar event is created, say by a calendly request or a colleague inviting you to a team meeting - zapier can create a new item in Workflowy to hold all your meeting notes and turn important items into to-do's. This is also a great way to quickly see all your upcoming meetings in a single list in Workflowy.

Google calendar

Google calendar + Workflowy

Use this zap

How to use this integration

Once you've connected your google calendar with this zap, anytime a new event is added, the details are also added to your Workflowy account.

  1. Click 'Use this zap'
  2. Connect Google calendar to zapier
  3. Choose the calendar to monitor
  4. Test the trigger
  5. Connect your Workflowy account (need your api key?)
  6. Set 'Description' as the Title and 'Event Begins (Pretty)' as the Note
  7. Test your zap
  8. Publish your zap