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Google tasks

We all have tasks we do on a regular basis and need to be reminded of. This can be a simple as a reminder to pay a specific bill, do some sort of maintenance to our home, or simply exercise. By connecting apps that have recurring events like Google tasks, we can set up multiple recurring events. Zapier has its own recurring event app but using a third part application like Google tasks makes updating and adding new events much easier. Now all your recurring events will automatically show up in any list you want.

Google tasks

Google tasks + Workflowy

Use this zap

How to use this integration

Once you've set up the zap, you can access google tasks from several google applications and manage your recurring tasks.

  1. Click 'Use this zap'
  2. Connect google tasks to zapier
  3. Choose the task list you want to monitor
  4. Test the trigger
  5. Connect your Workflowy account (need your api key?)
  6. Set 'Title' as the Title and 'Notes' as the note
  7. Test your zap
  8. Publish your zap