Need help? Learn to set up the zapier integration.

Slack mentions

Slack is another one of those apps that’s easy to accidentally waste a lot of time in. With this zap, you can have zapier push messages where you’re mentioned directly into Workflowy. Not only do you reduce the likelihood of getting distracted, you also get the benefit of having the original message context right in the app you'll use to organize your work.

Slack mentions

Slack + Workflowy

Use this zap

How to use this integration

Connect your Slack account to zapier and receive silent notifications in the form of new items in Workflowy whenever you're mentioned - no need to keep checking slack.

  1. Click 'Use this zap'
  2. Connect Slack to zapier
  3. Choose the event - we recommend 'New Mention posted to Channel'
  4. Test the trigger
  5. Connect your Workflowy account (need your api key?)
  6. Set 'Text' as the Title and 'User Name - Permalink' as the Note
  7. Test your zap
  8. Publish your zap