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Quickly add files and images to your Workflowy documents.
Drag and drop files from your desktop or snap a photo on your phone and add it in seconds.

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Examples of Files & Images in Use

Enriching Documents You Already Create

Easily add visual details and upload files to transform your Workflowy notes and outlines into context rich documents. Everything from work proposals to class notes and report outlines can include images and files that make the surrounding text clearer and easier to understand.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Quickly outlining blog posts and reports
  • Taking photos for a job proposal and then adding the notes below each image
  • Adding screenshots of papers and the original pdf to research outlines
  • Adding lecture slides to class notes
  • Take photos of whiteboards and documents then incorporate them into your processes

Storing and Sharing Assets

Skip the online drives and emails. Share templates, assets, screenshots, references and any other type of file you can imagine with your team without having to depend on third party apps and complicated permissions. Just drag and drop the files and images, then share with your team.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Keeping a repository of commonly used templates
  • Creating and sharing how-to guides with photos and screenshots
  • Creating documentation with images and gifs for internal or external use
  • Centralizing assets that are created by one team and used by another

Documenting and tracking file changes

Nest files and images when you make modifications to easily keep track of those changes. This lets you keep the original file and also keep track of important updates. Use Workflowy's nesting bullets to easily organize all your files and quickly access previous versions - no need for complex naming schemes or complicated version control systems.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Sharing drafts of files with clients
  • Keeping everyone on a team up to date with the latest version of a file
  • Simplify review and editing flows, no more misplaced versions

How to Add Files and Images

Adding From Item Menu

1. Create a new blank bullet

2. Open the bullet menu for that blank bullet

3. Choose 'Upload file'

Chose your file / files

Adding by Dragging and Dropping

1. Drag and drop the file from from your desktop into the Workflowy webapp of desktop app

Pasting a Screenshot

1. Take a screenshot
Windows - Windows key + PrtScn Mac - CMD + Shift + Control + 4

2. Paste into Workflowy

Copy / Paste in Workflowy

1. Right-click on an image already in Workflowy

2. Select 'Copy image'

3. Paste image where you want

Image Actions

Resizing Images

1. Place your mouse over the image

Click and drag the vertical bar to the left or right to resize the image

Viewing an Image Full Screen

1. Mouse over the image or tap if on mobile

Click or tap on the image options icon

Click or tap on 'Show full-screen'

Downloading an Image

1. Mouse over the image or tap if on mobile

Click or tap on the image options icon

Click or tap on 'Download'

Deleting an Image

1. Mouse over the image or tap if on mobile

Click or tap on the image options icon

Click or tap on 'Delete'

Confirm the download by clicking 'Delete image'

Viewing Original Size

1. Mouse over the image or tap if on mobile

Click or tap on dropdown on the right-hand side of the image

Click or tap on the icon with the arrow pointing outside of a square

Unlimited uploads with 5gb file size limit for Pro subscribers.
100MB global upload limit for non-Pro users.

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