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Mirrors let your information exist in multiple places at the same time - create as many as you want, and any change you make is automatically synced across all mirrors.

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Examples of Mirrors in Use

Turn Meeting Notes Into Actionables

Instead of taking down notes and then forgetting about them - mirror relevant items into more action oriented spaces like todo lists or project boards. Mirrors make sure the context from your notes is always kept close in case you need more details.

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Break Down Complex Projects With Mirrors

Tackle large projects by mirroring smaller tasks into todo or today bullets. Mirrors let you keep all the important details about that project together in one place and let you pull out smaller chunks of work without having to move things around or worrying about missing items when you copy-paste.

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Different Views for Different Purposes

Group related items into specific views for different use cases. Create views based on team members, activities, areas or anything else you can think of. Mirrors let you re-organize any information into as many different groups as you want without having to stick to one single way of organizing things.

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Journaling as a Source of Inspiration

Turn your journal into a source of inspiration by taking important items and mirroring them into relevant categories or collections. Mirrors let you take those random ideas and thoughts and easily mirror them into bullets where you can later build upon them, all without losing the original context your journal provides.

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How to Make Mirrors in WorkFlowy

Item Menu

1. Click on the item menu for the bullet you want to mirror

2. Click on ‘Mirror’

3. Paste your mirror where you want it

Keyboard Shortcut

1. Place your cursor on the bullet you want to mirror

2. Press Alt+Shift+M on windows or CMD+Shift+M on mac

3. Paste your mirror where you want it


1. Place your cursor where you want to create your mirror

2. Type double parenthesis ’((’ then type the name of the bullet you want to mirror

3. Press ‘Enter’ when you find the one you want to mirror


1. Highlight the bullets you want to mirror or select individual bullets you want to mirror with Alt+click on windows or CMD+click on mac

2. Hold ‘Shift’ then click and drag any of the highlighted bullets where you want the mirrors to go

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