The Ultimate Online Notepad

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What makes Workflowy the best notepad online?

Workflowy is a notepad on steroids.  You can create lists inside of lists - making it incredibly powerful when it comes to outlining, researching, and taking great notes. No other notepad online lets you do this.

In a split second you can go from a thousand mile high overview of your notes to a single detail, all without taking your hands off the keyboard. You can also collapse and expand nested items to view only the information that’s relevant at any given moment.

To summarize, Workflowy lets you capture, organize, and develop information with a speed and ease that no other app out there can. It’s a little like giving your brain an upgrade.

Infinitely nest bulletsStore as much information in your notepad as you want

Add tags to anything
Use tags to easily filter your online notes

Add files and images
Your online notepad can hold all the information in your life

Plus sharing, kanban boards, bookmarks, templates and much more.

As simple as paper.
Absurdly powerful.

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