Bernard Zitzer

Founder of the #doism Movement and Habit Expert

Hi, I’m Bernard ✌

and I believe that doing is everything.

Most people life in a world of whatism. They think they can solve their problems by simply knowing more about them.

Yet, they confuse knowing with doing. Two activities that couldn’t be further apart. One brings in tangible results, while the other just makes you feel busy. Procrastination in disguise.

By using Workflowy I’ve been able to improve my frequency of taking action, for almost every aspect of my private and business life. Because when used properly, Workflowy facilitates knowing and doing!

It enables me to think more clearly, to stay consistent with my habits, and to keep up with my projects. I do this through daily reflection and by creating templates around the things that are truly valuable to me. I’m happy to share those templates with you, so you can benefit from them as well!

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Daily Journaling [Template]

It's one of my most used Templates. Four important Questions to reflect, learn, process and plan ahead. Say goodbye to stagnation and overwhelm! Say hello to progress and output!

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Deep Work [Checklist]

Turn your next meeting into a powerhouse for productivity with this template. Learn to structure meetings so everything gets captured, organized, and prioritized.

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Daily Shutdown [Checklist]

Learn to take the most valuable insights from Austin Kleon's book to turn all the content you consume into valuable output - all while developing your own creative voice.

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