Skills path
Collaborate on projectsAchieve much more with your friends, team, or company. Effective collaboration leads to more creative and innovative solutions, as well as better decision-making.32 - 35 Minutes
You'll learn
How to set up the perfect workspace
How to bring your collaborators onboard
How to collaborate with third parties
Workflowy basicsLearn the basics of Workflowy’s key features. In just a few minutes you’ll pick up the most important functions that will let you build anything you want.5 Minutes
Setting up a collaborative workspaceLearn to create the basic structures and rules for successful collaboration. Successful collaboration in Workflowy depends largely on how well you structure your workspace and what processes you put in place before you invite collaborators.8 Minutes
Collaboration rulesDevelop a simple system that you and your collaborators can use to coordinate basic processes in Workflowy without having to use a third-party app. Learning to do this well ensures your processes run smoothly and your collaborators know what to do.5 Minutes
Onboarding collaboratorsLearn to onboard new collaborators into your workspace. Providing collaborators with documentation and pre-established sections in your workspace for discussions and feedback is crucial to empowering collaborators and making sure they have what they need to be productive.8 Minutes
Take your collaboration furtherOnce you’ve successfully set up your space and invited collaborators, it’s up to you to customize and fine-tune that space to best suit your needs. Here are some guides to help you go further.
Empower your collaborators
Building a template librarySpeed up common processes by building and curating a shared template library. Give your collaborators a head start.6 Minutes
Collaborate with third parties
Working with clientsLearn to work with third parties in Workflowy with this simple guide for freelancers, small teams and large companies.9 Minutes