Skills path
Collect & organize notesTransform your notes into an invaluable resource. Capture important information and ideas in a structured and accessible way. See connections and patterns that might not be immediately apparent.29 - 38 Minutes
You'll learn
How to take great notes
How to use a knowledge management system
How to turn notes into useful actions
Workflowy basicsLearn the basics of Workflowy’s key features. In just a few minutes you’ll pick up the most important functions that will let you build anything you want.5 Minutes
Note taking basicsGood note taking is a crucial skill for any knowledge worker, student, or lifelong learner. Being able to effectively capture information, organize it and then use it will help you tremendously regardless of the type of work you’re doing. This guide shows you the basics and provides tips for moving far beyond pen and paper.5 Minutes
Learn a knowledge management systemTaking notes is just the first step in really owning your information. By using a knowledge management system like PARA or BASB, you go from having the skeleton of a system to a full-blown personal wiki. This makes it easy to then recall, remix and repurpose all your information - it’s a bit like having a superpower.
Agile knowledge management
PARAThe PARA system provides a simple framework to categorize and structure your information in way that surfaces what’s most actionable with regards to your goals.7 Minutes
Complete knowledge system
Building a second brain (BASB)The building a second brain system is an exhaustive methodology for capturing information, summarizing it and then repurposing it to help you reach your objectives.12 Minutes
Use a time management system to improve productivityTime management systems help you make better use of your time and prioritize activities. At the end of the day you’re going to be using your notes to do something useful. Having a system to manage your time will help you be more effective.
No extra planning required
Pomodoro techniqueA light time management system that you can use in an ad-hoc manner. Gamifies task completion.12 Minutes
More structured
Time blockingRequires a bit more set-up but very useful if you’re having trouble with managing your time.16 Minutes