Skills path
Manage & coordinate meetingsTurn meetings into powerhouses of productivity. Make the most of your time and ensure your meetings are focused and constructive.25 Minutes
You'll learn
How to hold effective meetings
How to manage your knowledge
How to prioritize tasks and projects
Workflowy basicsLearn the basics of Workflowy’s key features. In just a few minutes you’ll pick up the most important functions that will let you build anything you want.5 Minutes
Meeting basicsKnowing how to prepare, handle and process meeting notes are skills that are essential for modern work. Whether you’re meeting in person or offline, meetings can become a crucial part of your group’s workflow if done correctly. This guide will show you the basics of good meeting management.5 Minutes
PARA knowledge managementA knowledge management system provides the scaffolding necessary for holding great meetings. It provides the relevant information when preparing meetings, gives you a place to organize new information, and serves as a source for generating new ideas.8 Minutes
MOSCOW prioritizationThe MOSCOW prioritization method gives you a simple but effective way to structure the projects that arise from your meetings. It does this in a way that makes it far more likely that you’ll achieve your objectives given limited time and resources.7 Minutes