Skills path
Track & manage tasksCapture, organize, and execute tasks like a productivity master. Keep track of the tasks you need to complete, as well as their deadlines and priorities. Nothing is slipping through the cracks again.30 - 39 Minutes
You'll learn
How to manage your tasks
How to use a task management system
How to use your time more efficiently
Workflowy basicsLearn the basics of Workflowy’s key features. In just a few minutes you’ll pick up the most important functions that will let you build anything you want.5 Minutes
Task management basicsProductivity starts with good task management. Whether you’re a task management veteran or just getting started, this quick guide will walk you through some essential concepts and first steps.5 Minutes
Learn a task management systemOnce you’re ready to move beyond the basics of task management - it’s time to learn a system. Bullet journaling is great if you’re just getting started or only need something light and simple. If you need a more complete system to handle your tasks, then the GTD system is for you.
Light task management
Bullet journalingThis lightweight system is great for organizing your tasks in a quick and simple way. With very few rules to learn, it’s an easy system to pick up.8 Minutes
Thorough task management
Getting things done (GTD)If you have a crazy complicated job or simply need a more robust system to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks then the GTD system is a great choice.13 Minutes
Use a time management system to improve productivityAdding a time management component to your workflow helps you not only track ans manage your tasks but also complete them more efficiently.
No extra planning required
Pomodoro techniqueA light time management system that you can use in an ad-hoc manner. Gamifies task completion.12 Minutes
More structured
Time blockingRequires a bit more set-up but very useful if you’re having trouble with managing your time.16 Minutes