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Workflowy is the online notepad that helps you juggle a million things at once in school and crush it.

Forgetful or disorganized?


Take notes at the speed of thought. Add photos, files and screenshots in seconds. No more missing details.

Have too many things to do?

Track All Your Assignments

Easily organize any class or activity with kanban boards and infinite nesting. Say goodbye to last-minute panic.

Need help thinking clearly?

Draft & Outline
Like a Pro

Drag-and-drop editing  helps you organize your ideas to create amazing papers. Tap into your inner Hemingway.

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Used by Students at These Institutions

Great Class Notes

All your data auto-syncs to the cloud

Take notes on the go with mobile apps

Add files and images anywhere

Tag anything for later reference

Top Notch Research

Easily add external and internal links

Track references with tags and links

Lightning-fast global search

Export your data in multiple formats

Auto-backup all your data to Dropbox

Effortless Studying

Turn your notes into study guides

Use the mobile app to study anywhere

Distraction-free interface

Share and create study guides collaboratively

Project Collaboration

Real-time collaborative editing

Use kanban boards to organize tasks

Built-in sharing permissions

Your collaborators don’t need a Workflowy account to view or edit

Activity Tracking

Track everything from a single app

Build your own productivity system

Any item can become a task

Infinitely combine lists and boards

Daily changes are emailed to you

Seamless Drafting

Infinitely nest items under other items

Drag-and-drop edit entire sections

Duplicate everything and draft multiple versions in seconds

Internal links let you quickly gather references

Start With a Template

Hit the ground running with one of our easy to use templates

Student Starter Template

A little bit of everything to get started. Track your classes, take notes, and also organize your personal life.

View Template

Daily Agenda

For those that like to plan ahead and keep a running log of everything. This kanban-focused template is for you.

View Template

Basic Research

If your life revolves around reading, researching and drafting, this is the template to start with.

View Template

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