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Getting organized and being productive should be simple. Workflowy is the Notion alternative that delivers on that promise.

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Professional Help Not Required

You don’t need to be a productivity guru to set up a great workflow for yourself or your team.


*Personal pro in Notion


*Team plan in Notion


*Team plan in Notion


*Team plan in Notion

Radically Easy to Use

No steep learning curves here. Easily onboard everyone on your team in a couple of minutes - if they can use notepad, they can use Workflowy.

No Wasted Effort

Flexible layouts and keyboard shortcuts let you quickly re-organize a document, a project or a company - all without taking your hands off the keyboard.

No Complicated Pricing Schemes

Whether you’re using it for yourself, your team or your company - you get it all for one simple price.


/ Month


$5 - 20

/ Month

Depends on

Workflowy also offers a feature-complete, generous free plan.

Creating Fans For 10+ Years

We’re obsessed with giving our users the tools to take control of their world.

I spent the past few hours using @WorkFlowy for the first time. I absolutely love it! I wish I had this when I was writing my doctoral thesis.

I use @Workflowy every single day. It became part of my personal and work life. Tried to move to Notion 2-3 times and couldn’t do it. I think I’m too attached to workflowy 😄 and how it trains my mind to think in an organized manner 👌 🧘

Might just be me but my basic ask of Notion is to make a bulleted list. Seems a bit more complex than it needs to be and has made me a lifelong @Workflowy user.

I have tried every damn thing and WorkFlowy is the only one my brain likes.

Just by opening @workflowy I already feel productive :D

I’ve pretty much moved to @Workflowy for everything. Easily searchable/taggable, flexible organization, works the way my brain does.

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