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Google Design Sprint template

Run Google Venture's design sprint with our easy to follow template

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About this Template

What is a Design sprint?

Startups and established businesses have adopted the procedure, which was created by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures, to swiftly validate company ideas and make data-driven decisions.

The following steps are part of the sprint process:
Day 1: Map out the problem and pick a target area to focus on
Day 2: Sketch possible solutions
Day 3: Decide on the best solutions and create a storyboard
Day 4: Build a realistic prototype
Day 5: Test the prototype with customers

A business idea or product feature is intended to be quickly tested and validated during a sprint by receiving immediate feedback from users and potential customers. Teams can work quickly, make data-driven decisions, and avoid wasting time and resources on unworkable ideas thanks to this process.
You can learn more about the process at the google ventures site.

How to use the template

The bullet journal template has two main sections, the calendar, and the monthly '⏳ Future' sections.

The calendar - A long list of months with each month containing the days for that month. You'll add your tasks, notes and events under each day.

The future logs - Each month has a '⏳ Future' section that serves as a placeholder for activities that should be completed during that month but do not yet have a specific date.

The monthly log allows you to view all the events for a given month. You create this view by clicking on the bullet for the current month and then clicking on the star ⭐️ to save that view in the left hand sidebar.

The daily log allows you to quickly jump to today and work on the day's tasks and events, and add notes. You create this view by searching for 'Today' in the menu bar and then clicking on the star ⭐️ to save that view in the left hand sidebar.

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